Five reasons to love carpet

The style alone is enough to make you want the soft surface flooring. You'll be astounded when you walk into a store and see the large assortment of colors, styles, and fibers.

At Anthony Interiors the question isn’t so much as "Can we compete with the big boxes" but, rather, it’s "Can the big boxes compete with us?"

Flooring is all we do, and we know we have to do it well, offering a level of experience and knowledge that can't be found in the national chains. We focus on providing value: strong aesthetics, high function, and reasonable pricing.

We've been in operation since 1949, and we added focus on flooring in 1975.

Visit us at our showroom in San Jose, CA, where we serve Santa Clara, CA, Milpitas, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Las Gatos, CA, and Fremont, CA areas. Be sure to ask about our quotes.

Design options

From the bold and vibrant to the earthy neutrals, there’s virtually anything to suit every taste.

Even the shag, with its once-iconic brown, green and gold shades is now available in every color from purple to multi-tones.

Don’t think the off-white or gold wall-to-wall rugs that we remember from days past are your only style option.

You have the Berber, with a low pile and color flecks. There's Saxony, with its velvet-like and plush feeling; frieze, with both long and short twisty fibers; and shag, often referred to as the "sheep-dog rug" (that description is self-explanatory). There are also various cut and loop styles.

A fairly new collection, the SmartStrand carpets, are created from a relatively new fiber, Triexta, that has extra durability and permanent stain resistance built right into the fiber.

Ask to see various samples.

Much of this has to do with advancing technology; for instance, digital patterning now creates the image all through a fiber, not sitting at the top as it once did. That makes for striking patterns that do not fade.

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Luxury carpet in Santa Clara, CA from Anthony Interiors

Carpet’s functions

  • Noise insulation: It acts as a cushion to catch vibrations, so they don’t bounce around off the walls. You don’t hear footsteps, beeping devices or muffled conversations.
  • Aiding health: Particles and dirt not sucked up by the vacuum get trapped in the fibers where they will remain until the carpet is deep cleaned. Since pollutants don’t fly around in the air, that also helps the indoor air quality.
  • Providing safety: Carpet has excellent traction, preventing slips and falls. If you do fall, however, the landing is on a soft surface flooring.

Your flooring retailer can provide more tips on caring for carpet.