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Custom rug binding


Three things a rug binding service can do for you

Ever notice the binding around carpet edges? That not only protects the edges from becoming frayed but can also become a design tool. The procedure allows you to create a custom rug.

At Anthony Interiors the question isn’t so much as "Can we compete with the big boxes" but, rather, it’s "Can the big boxes compete with us?"

Flooring is all we do, and we know we have to do it well, offering a level of experience and knowledge that can’t be found in the national chains. We focus on providing value: strong aesthetics, high function, reasonable pricing and important services, such as installation.

Our in-store rug binding means you can select your carpet remnants from us and then walk directly to our rug binding department to help you see your vision come to fruition.

We've been in operation since 1949, and we added focus in 1975. Our fully stocked inventory includes every type of flooring from hardwood and carpet to vinyl.

Visit us at our showroom and in San Jose, CA. We also serve Santa Clara, CA, Milpitas, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, Las Gatos, CA, and Fremont, CA. Be sure to ask about our quotes.




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What is binding?

It's a procedure where carpet edges are folded and stitched. It blends in with the rest because it's narrow and color-matched to the original. The result is a tailored, classic finish. A lot of the higher-end mills prefer this over serging, which just means that the yarn is continued and wrapped around the edges. It Serging is noticeable, tends to draw the eye toward the edge and might even look a little unfinished; some compare it to the inside seams of a shirt or dress.
Custom rug binding in San Jose, CA from Anthony Interiors

What are some of the benefits of binding?

  • Total creative freedom. When you buy stock, you're limited in size, color, and pattern. Here, you can create your one-of-a-kind creation. With moldings, baseboards, and door sills, it’s impossible to get a standard 3 X 5 or 5 X 8 soft surface to fit.
  • Eliminating waste, saving money. Even if a carpet is old, but still in good shape there’s no need to throw it out, just create a few matching pieces
  • Repair and recycle. Unless it’s in terrible shape, the frayed or worn parts can be removed and restitched.